Devices at the EM-Group

Devices at the EM-Group

Besides the electron microscopes an electron-microscopy lab needs various preparation equipment which has to be adjusted to the accrued samples. The sample spectrum at the MPI for polymer research is extremely broad and comprises e.g. organic and inorganic nanoparticles, bulk and thin film polymers, nanostructured surfaces, biological material, etc.

The EM-lab at the MPI for polymer research offers comprehensive service from the first counselling interview via the optimal sample preparation and EM examination to the final discussion of the results.

Two scanning- and three transmission electron microscopes with different imaging characteristics are available, depending on the research issues.

For sample preparation the EM-group operates different preparation devices to cover most of the polymer related issues and additionally a complete biological preparation line including high pressure freezing and freeze substitution is installed in our labs. Besides elaborate equipment based preparations the EM-group comes with extensive experience in low tech but efficient preparation methods for nearly any problem.

For the preparation of delicate TEM samples the MPI for polymer research is operating a focused ion beam instrument (dual beam FIB) which can be used to precisely mill a TEM sample from bulk material.

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