During their walk act, PET recycling is impressively demonstrated with a specially designed shredding machine and on stage they show what science has to consider with their acting skills and a lot of humor. Many thanks to Hannah Lerch and Marvin Meinold from [more]
Diagnosis and therapy of diseases are the focus of research in nanomedicine. This is where research is trying to find ways that can provide patients with relief or even healing. Prof. Henning raises critical questions about the limits of research from ethical points of view. As Prof. Landfester replies, in the end, research needs to work closely together with psychology and sociology. [more]
In just a series of small steps the short documentary shows how many wooden slats made out of oak can be layered, bent and glued together so that the whole structure obtains its shape and finally its stability. The completed coil has been exhibited on our trail since November. [more]
After several months of building the amorphous structure, it could be transported to Mainz and set up last November. [more]
The assembly of the struts prefabricated in the wood workshop was not an easy endeavor: many helpers were needed to join the numerous struts together and bring them into plumb. [more]
With a lot of preliminary planning work, it was possible to get down to fine-tuning, sawing and drilling in the carpenter's workshop, so that the construction could then be erected over several weeks. [more]
Two experts explain to us how the technical cycle in PET recycling works: Philipp Langhammer from the company KHS and Prof. Kurt Kremer from MPI-P. [more]
You can take a little walk with Franzi along our trail and ask yourself: What do I actually know about plastics? Most of us know a lot from our school days, even more from the media, often with the result: There a lot of plastics, but why are there so many, and what are their different functions? One argument we often face is that plastics harm the environment. But can I differentiate between plastics that are harmful and those that are genuinely valuable materials?Take a look! Or even better – come along and see for yourself!We would like to take this opportunity to thank Franziska Loch for her amazing cooperation! The day we spent filming was a lot of fun for everyone. And the film team from Oh Patrone did a wonderful job. [more]
How can polymers contribute to a better future? What is already being researched and which megatrends will we have to deal with? Nanoribbons and nanocapsules are only two keywords. Both exhibits show what's behind these terms: If you are good at crossword puzzles, you will certainly find the hidden terms, and if you have a steady hand, you will also be able to move the ball skillfully to its destination. [more]
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