wowood - out of the workshop onto the path

Video June 08, 2022
© Christof Weber

The semester project “PolyWood”, led by Prof. Gero Quasten and Prof. Kay-Uwe Schober of the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, turned into a large project that extended into the new semester over the vacations. The students Lara Fahroß, Joana Ferreira, Esther Saweljew and Jana Schmidt quickly realized that many hurdles had to be overcome in order to turn a great idea, named "wowood”, into a feasible construction. Concept, static issues, choice of materials, coordination of various suppliers and service providers, craftsmanship and much more had to be considered and accomplished. Nevertheless, after a lot of effort and the support of cooperation partners and fellow campaigners, an impressive, walkable construction was created.
Many thanks at this point to all contributors and supporters. Best thanks also to Christof Weber for this great film.

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