An educational path offering many perspectives

The Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) in Mainz has taken the current discussion platform on plastics and the consequences for humans and nature as an opportunity to find out more about the functionality of plastics and their importance. This gave rise to the idea of developing a trail that can be made accessible to the public. On the one hand it should offer deeper insights into the world of polymers, on the other hand it should counteract the current bad image of plastics, bringing more objectivity into the discussion. Critical aspects are also discussed. The Polymer Path combines both the educational character and the goal of getting people excited about science. The trail covers a wide variety of topics, all presented in different ways. The individual stations will amaze you and show you the potential of plastics. There are also plenty of stations that invite you to join in: you can balance, jump and try things out. The Path offers you the chance to explore the world of polymers in exciting ways!

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