Science Day – a familiy day on the Polymer Educational Path

  • Datum: 28.04.2024
  • Uhrzeit: 10:00 - 14:00
  • Vortragende(r): Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester a.o.
  • Ort: Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
  • Raum: Outdoor area
  • Gastgeber: MPI-P / AK Landfester
  • Kontakt:
Science Day – a familiy day on the Polymer Educational Path

We cordially invite you and your family and friends to visit the Polymer Educational Path. Our programme is specifically tailored for families and young people, who will have the opportunity to either walk along the Polymer Path and discover lots of amazing things or to take part in one of the programme options. This will include the Kinderuni in the Staudinger lecture hall on the topic of microplastics presented by director Katharina Landfester or speed dating with scientists from our institute, where you and your children have 5 minutes to ask them all the questions you always wanted to know. There will also be a photo competition for school children with an exciting first prize: come and spend a whole day at our Max Planck Institute, meet researchers from all over the world and get to know their work in the laboratories, which are equipped huge electron microscopes and other fascinating machines.

Kinderuni: "How does so much plastic end up in the ocean?" with Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester
Staudinger lecture hall

Guided tour 1: "How did it actually start with plastics and where can they be used?"
Meeting point: Timeline station
Speed dating: „What does plastic got to do with bio?“ with PhD student Sarah Chagri
Meeting point: Bioplastics station
Guided tour 2: „Why do we have so many rubbish bins and how can plastic waste turn into a new bottle?“
Meeting point: Bioplastics station
Speed dating:
„How can plastic help the body?“ with University Professor Dr. Volker Mailänder
Meeting point: Medicine station
Guided tour 3: „What do polymer researchers actually do today and what are their visions for the future?“
Meeting point: Research station
Speed dating:
„What makes the mobile phone screen light up?“ with PhD student Franziska Walz
Meeting point: Research station

Free admission

Photo competition for schoolchildren:
Anyone aged 9-19 can take part in the photo competition. The motto: What is a polymer for me?
The photo motifs should be found exclusively on the polymer path. Send the photo to the following address: and take part or let your children's imagination run wild!
1st prize: 1 day at the MPI for Polymer Research
2nd prize: Stainless steel drinking bottle
3rd prize: Notebook made from apple peelings and cores
Closing date for entries: 5 May 2024

Click here for the conditions of participation

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