Static (SLS) and Dynamic (DLS) Light Scattering

The light scattered by a polymer solution or dispersion contains information about the static and dynamic properties of the molecules or particles. For dynamic light scattering the intensity fluctuations over time are measured at certain angles and converted into autocorrelation functions, while for static light scattering the angular dependency of the average scattering intensity is being investigated.

Determination of:

Dynamic light scattering:

- translational diffusion coefficient Dz
- hydrodynamic radius <Rh>z
- aggregation phenomena in complex solutions with several diffusing species (e.g. blood plasma)

Static light scattering:

- weight average molecular mass Mw and aggregation number
- radius of gyration <Rg2>z1/2 and resulting structure parameter ρ
- second virial coefficient A2


Multiangle light scattering systems equipped with He-Ne lasers (632.8 nm)


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