News & Highlights

Angew. Chem. (2021)

Our collaboration with the group of Mischa Bonn and Hao Lu at the interface of kidney stones! Many thanks for the involvement and great work!

Chem. Rev. (2021)

A huge thank you to Colette, Pia as well as our collaborators Meizhou and Yuzhou for this excellent review summarizing the latest development on DNA-Polymer conjugates.

LinkedIn News

Michaela's work on self-assembling fibrillar architectures in living cells as a means to destabilize the structural integrity of cancer is featured on LinkedIn News!

SWR Interview

Very grateful to the team of media reporters from SWR for including us in their program featuring research milestones to the public.

Angew. Chem. (2020)

Thorsten's latest endeavour into polymerization induced self-assembly using DNA combines the immense potential of DNA hybridization with PISA structures.
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