Who We Are

Dr. Seah Ling Kuan

Dr. Seah Ling Kuan

Group Leader
My group is interested to develop new synthetic methodologies and prepare synthetic proteins to find new treatments for devastating diseases such as lung cancer and infectious diseases.
Ali  Rouhanipour

Ali Rouhanipour

Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Lujuan  Xu

Lujuan Xu

PhD Student
CSC Scholar, "Precision Protein Nanostructures by Chemical Design"
I would like to design and assemble different proteins in a defined and controlled fashion with chemical methodology in a site-selective manner to achieve multifaceted proteins with new functions.
Astrid  Heck

Astrid Heck

PhD student
"Supramolecular Fusion Toxins"
My project is to come up with chemical strategies to design precise therapeutic proteins for addressing biological problems. For example, to heal patients suffering from infectious diseases or after a trauma.
Michael  Müller

Michael Müller

PhD student
"Chemiluminescent Protein Hybrids for Biomedical Applications"
I work on creating chemiluminescent biohybrid materials for applications in photodynamic therapy.
Darijan Schüler

Darijan Schüler

PhD student
"Protein Therapeutics for Oncotherapy by Chemical Design"
My project is to design smart therapeutic proteins to modulate microenvironment of sites of terminal diseases. For example, to find new treatments for patients with metastatic pancreatic or breast cancers.
Bellinda Lantzberg

Bellinda Lantzberg

Masters student
"Smart Protein Conjugates via Dynamic Covalent Chemistry"
I am developing new strategies to prepare responsive protein conjugates via dynamic covalent chemistry.
Siska Führer

Siska Führer

Bachelor student
"Supramolecular Fusion Proteins for Biomedical Applications"


Postdocs and Graduate Students

Maksymilian Zegota (PhD) - Scientist, Coriolis Pharma
Leona Lucas Rodrigues (Masters) - PhD, Queensland University of Technology
Daniel Kodura (Masters) - PhD, Queensland University of Technology
Dr. Bikram Agrawalla (Postdoc) - Scientist, Roche
Assoc. Prof. Wang Tao (Postdoc) - Associate Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University
Assoc. Prof. Liu Fang (Postdoc) - Associate Professor, Guangzhou Chinese University of Medicine
Dr. Jessica Thomas (PhD) - Site leader, Perkin Elmer
Marco Raabe (Masters and Bachelor) - PhD, MPIP
Dr. Pascal Heitel (Masters) - Postdoc, University of Oxford

Bachelor and Exchange Students

Sybil Obuobi (Otto Bayer PhD Exchange Student)
Diana Moura (Eramus) 
Anne Blank (Bachelor)
Alexander Mengele (Bachelor)
Achim Keidel (Bachelor)
Konstantin Schneider-Heieck (Bachelor)

"[Science is] an imaginative adventure of the mind seeking truth in a world of mystery."
-Sir Cyril Herman Hinshelwood (1897-1967) English chemist. Nobel prize 1956.

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