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Understanding living biological systems is challenging due to their high structural complexity and dynamics. Various biological reactions are constantly proceeding, causing an inhomogeneous distribution of different species, temperatures, and forces at the nanoscale. Local and quantitative detection of these environmental parameters and molecules including transient reactive structures with limited lifetimes will advance our understanding of the living systems. However, current methods for measuring certain quantities at the nanoscale are often limited to strict conditions such as low temperature or vacuum and are not suitable for use in living systems. In our group, we are aiming to controllably sythesize nanodiamond with defect centers and use recently developed nanodiamond (ND) quantum sensing technology for in-situ probing and manipulating the intracellular parameters such as temperature, pH, and radical species in living systems, and solve current challenges in biology and medicine.

Wu, Y.; Weil, T.: Recent Developments of Nanodiamond Quantum Sensors for Biological Applications. Advanced Science 9 (19), 2200059 (2022)
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