Mass Spectrometry @ MPIP

Mass Spectrometry @ MPIP

In the mass spectrometry (MS) core facility, we provide service measurements for routine chemical analysis, as well as develop new methodologies to answer complex research questions in materials and biological sciences. We are equipped with several high end mass spectrometers with different ionization techniques to address the scientific questions in the best-suited way.

News & Collaboration Highlights

Hydrolysable Polycarbonate Nanogels for Lymph Node Immune Activation
We worked together with Lutz Nuhn’s group to identify the molecular species from the hydrolytic degradation of nanogels for immunotherapy.

Studying Chemical Kinetics within Perovskite Films
Together with the team from Stefan Weber (AKButt), we investigate chemical kinetics within perovskite film using ToF-SIMS.

Depth Profiling of Molecular Species in Casted Films
The depth profile and distribution of TIPS-pentacene in the PS matrix in casted films are determined using ToF-SIMS with the groups of Wojciech Pisula and Tomasz Marszalek (AKBlom).
Characterization of Surface Gradients of Amyloid-like Fibrils
We team up with Christopher Synatschke’s group to confirm the gradient formation of bioactive molecular species using MALDI-MS imaging.
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