BioCore @ Weil-MPIP

BioCore @ Weil-MPIP

A sprawling and interconnected set of laboratories dedicated to investigate a broad range of biological questions. The centralized facility is home to many state-of-the-art instruments for microbiology, mammalian cell culture, purification and spectroscopic analysis.

News & Collaborative Work

Designer Peptide Tags for Controlled Release (2021)
This work features our collaboration with Seah Ling's group on dual responsive tags that respond to tumor environments

Self-assembly of ring polymers (2021)
Our work on ring block co-polymers is a multi-disciplinary effort to elucidate their nanostructure and colloidal behaviour!

Calcium Oxalate and Kidney Stones (2021)
Our collaboration with the group of Mischa Bonn on the effects of calcium oxalate on peptides is now published in Angew. Chem.
Sugars in Anti-Freeze Proteins (2021)
We worked with the group of Konrad Meister to establish how anti-freeze proteins in nature is affected by carbohydrates
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