Group of Organic Neuromorphic Electronics"Developing organic electronics for neuro-inspired processing, learning, sensing and bio-interfacing"

Group of Organic Neuromorphic Electronics
"Developing organic electronics for neuro-inspired processing, learning, sensing and bio-interfacing"


In today’s data-driven society information is everywhere and springs from vast sources, ranging from the internet to bodily functions. Yet developing meaningful ways of information extraction, processing and representation remains a necessity. Any technological attempt for exceptionally energy efficient, management of information, traces back to the never-ending quest to understand and imitate the inner workings of the brain that give rise to intelligence. Harnessing brain efficiency at the hardware-based level can be condensed in the term “brain-inspired computing”.

The development of electronic devices that are able for neuro-inspired information processing requires multidisciplinary approach in research, as principles from electronics, biology, neuroscience, materials science, physics and chemistry have to merge towards novel concepts. In our group, we develop organic neuromorphic devices for neuro-inspired information processing by merging concepts from a variety of disciplines. These devices allow for processing of electronic, ionic, molecular signals and facile interfacing with biology. Such unconventional type of neuromorphic devices is an essential requirement for distributed intelligent circuitry and the implementation of adaptable biointerfaces, fully autonomous bioelectronics applications, as well as for basic research.

On behalf of all members, I warmly welcome you to our group!

Paschalis Gkoupidenis

Group Leader  |  Organic Neuromorphic Electronics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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