Main setup list

1. Transient absorption setups
to measure ultrafast dynamics with the temporal scope from sub-picosecond to hundres of microsecond region and spacial scope from UV to NIR range.  
2. Time-resolved photoluminescence setup
with a temperature control unit (down to 4 K), to measure the time-resolved emissive intensity and spectrum from nanosecond to microsecond region. 
3. Room-temperature phosphorescence setup
to measure long-lived emission decay from miliseconds to seconds.
4. Angular dependent photoluminescence spectroscopy
to measure the dipole orientation of organic emitters.
5. Angular resolved ellipsometer
to measure the wavelength dependent optical constants.
6. Integration sphere
to measure the absolute photoluminescence quantum yield for solution or films.
7. Clean room for device fabrication.  
8. Device characterization setups
including temperature dependent current density-voltage-luminesence, lifetime, impedance and angular electroluminescence. 

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