Polymer Synthesis Facility

Polymer Synthesis Facility

In the Polymer Synthesis Facilities Sabrina Brand, Katja Klein, and Angelika Manhart prepare and develop together with group leader PD Dr. Frederik Wurm novel polymers and nanocarriers by different state-of-the-art polymerization techniques. Also well-defined “standard polymers”, e.g. telechelic poly(ethylene oxide)s or nanoparticle dispersions via radical emulsion polymerization are prepared and characterized in detail.

The group’s expertise lies in the organic synthesis of functional monomers, their polymerization (mainly by living anionic polymerization), or the preparation of well-defined nanocarriers for biomedical applications by diverse emulsion strategies. We also prepare various biocompatible surfactants for emulsion polymerization in-house. Within the MPGC and SFB1066 together with the University Medicine Mainz, a variety of biocompatible nanocarriers has been developed, which can be loaded with various drugs and that exhibit a controlled blood interaction and in vivo circulation time. In recent years, we have extended the production of nanocarriers to the liter-scale and can offer highly pure and sterile handling of the materials.

For further details, please contact Dr. Frederik Wurm or Prof. Katharina Landfester.


PD Dr. Frederik Wurm

PD Dr. Frederik Wurm

Group Leader
Sabrina Brand

Sabrina Brand

Specialist for emulsion and anionic polymerization and the preparation of fluorescent lables.
Katja Klein

Katja Klein

Specialist for emulsion polymerization, preparation of biodegradable nanocarriers, sterile handling.
Angelika Manhart

Angelika Manhart

Specialist for organic syntheses and diverse polymerization techniques.

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