BIO-Rescue: Valorising mushroom compost to create innovative bio-based products

BIO-Rescue: Valorising mushroom compost to create innovative bio-based products

Creating added value products (polymers, enzymes, nanocarriers) from mushroom compost is the objective of the European project BIO-Rescue.

The “Functional Polymers Group” at MPIP uses soluble polymer fractions derived from the compost for the synthesis of polyurethanes and nanocarriers.

Mushroom production generates five million tons of compost each year in the European Union. This compost is currently landfilled or used for landscaping purposes even though it contains valuable organic components. In view of transforming this compost into a new income stream for mushroom producers, the BIOrescue project will develop innovative conversion processes to create bio-based products from mushroom compost.

The multidisciplinary project of eleven partners comprising one large company, several SMEs, as well as two universities and two research institutions started working in 2016. Together, the project partners will develop a new bio refinery process that will allow the conversion of mushroom compost into innovative bio-based products such as bio-pesticides, bio-degradable nanocarriers for drug or fertilizer encapsulation and bio-based horticultural fertilizers.

By delivering innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of biomass conversion and reduce water and energy consumption, the experts involved in the project will ensure the sustainability of the novel process. To strengthen the competitiveness of the newly developed bio-based products in relation to their fossil-fuel based alternatives, project partners will assess the economic and environmental impact of the whole process.


BIOrescue is coordinated by CENER (Spanish National Renewable Energy Centre) and is run in cooperation with 10 European partners: Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung, Monaghan Mushrooms Ireland, Universita degli studi di Napoli Frederico II, MetGen Oy, Clea Technologies, Zabala Innovation Consulting, Celignis Ltd., Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, C-Tech Innovation and Greenovate! Europe. This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 720708.

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